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    Hydressence Serum If all the house tactics did no longer assist you, then contact the beauty salon. Taking into consideration the features of your pores and skin, top of the line grinding techniques may be decided on, both mechanical and extra aggressive - acidic. Fresh cottage cheese nicely moisturizes and nourishes the pores and skin, evens out its coloration and relief. Depending on the type of skin, diverse useful substances may be added to the curd base - lemon juice, an oily solution of vitamins, fruit puree or whipped protein. By varying dietary supplements, you can fast supply your face a fresh and well-groomed appearance. For the mask, it's miles satisfactory to apply selfmade cottage cheese. It is ready surely - milk is fermented with a spoon of kefir or bitter cream, after which stir right into a pan and prepare dinner on very low warmness until the yellowish-green liquid is separated - whey. Flip the finished curd onto cheesecloth and allow the extra liquid drain. Do not pour the serum; it can be used for washing. If you do now not have time to cook homemade cottage cheese, buy it in a shop. For a masks, a manufactured from any fats content with out components is appropriate. Cottage cheese ought to be plastic and no longer too dry. Do now not observe the product from the fridge in your face - earlier than getting ready the mask, it need to stand for a while at room temperature. Before making a masks, thoroughly cleanse the pores and skin. It is exceptional to treat it with a moderate exfoliant based totally on sugar, salt or first-rate mineral particles. A home made floor coffee scrub with a drop of olive oil or oatmeal is likewise suitable. If you want to strive a espresso scrub, use the thick of already brewed drink - it acts gently and is right for treating sensitive facial pores and skin. Try making a mask for normal skin. Mix two tablespoons of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of applesauce. Rub the mass well and observe it at the face and higher neck.